Best Headlines for POF

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Best Headlines for POF

So you want to know what headlines work best for online dating. You’ve come to the right place. POF allows you to enter a phrase that will be seen when other’s are browsing the site. It goes above your main picture and is supposed to represent (in a few words) your personality or life philosophy. People often wonder why those who viewed them didn’t message them. The answer is easy, their headline didn’t capture the initial attention needed to build attraction. Here are some that will though:

  • Not here for anything short term
  • Were you diagnosed as being crazy?
  • Class, pure class.
  • The Finer Things, nothing less
  • High Art, can you match my taste?
  • What do you offer that I can’t easily buy?
  • I’m really picky, will you be the one I pick?
  • Wanting Mr Right not Mr. Right now
  • Smile! its ur best feature
  • Fun and very lovable :-)
  • The best things in life aren’t things.
  • Willing to lie about how we met!
  • Show me how you make a first impression!
  • Maybe this site should be called POS
  • Let’s talk!
  • Hello Handsome
  • I need a redneck Romeo
  • Looking for my best friend
  • I like my men like my sweet tea…SWEET & SOUTHERN
  • Don’t take life seriously, you won’t get out alive
  • Fingers crossed
  • More Likely to Get a No Than a Yes
  • Your Reason to Smile

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